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Although the two cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai sound very similar, they are actually separated by about 200 kilometers (125 miles) of Thai countryside and each offers their own unique attractions. Chiang Mai is often visited as part of a two center vacation,

If you mention the name Thailand it immediately conjures up images of vast expanses of pristine beach. These stretches of sand, together with the climate, are two of the main reasons why people visit the country. There are some things you can pretty much guarantee

Just 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the buzzing streets of Bangkok, the city of Pattaya is buzzing to a different tune. It’s one of the closest beach resorts to the Thai capital though this isn’t a place to come for romantic strolls on a quiet

A city with two faces, Pattaya will appeal to the young and care-free who are looking for go-go bars and nightlife in a coastal destination, but, it’s also becoming a place to bring the family with its many fun activities and attractions to try. The

Characterized by monolithic limestone karsts, lush jungles, idyllic islands and beaches, and unique Buddhist temples, Krabi is both a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Krabi Town is at the heart of Krabi province and this is where the majority of tourists choose to stay

Whether you’re looking for some of Thailand’s most scenic beaches, pristine jungles, or secluded coves, Krabi, in Southern Thailand, hits the mark. At the heart of Krabi Province, Krabi Town provides an affordable and welcoming place to stay with low-key nightlife and access to some

Imagine long stretches of beautiful soft sand, lined with bountiful coconut palms that front lush virgin rainforests abundant with flora and fauna. Sounds like paradise? No, it’s Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island and one of its longest established and best known tourist destinations! Visit

If you’re looking for paradise you may have just found it on the island of Koh Chang! Filled with dense jungles rising steeply from the picturesque coastline, Koh Chang remains a relatively undeveloped and unspoiled island destination for Thailand, even though its popularity is on

A little off the beaten track, Koh Chang is an interesting mix of traditional Thai with modern tourist destination. This island paradise is filled with lush jungles, pretty beaches and small villages that co-exist alongside the newly developed resorts and hotels. Hurry to Koh Chang