Travel to Krabi, a flourishing seaside town on the Andaman Sea

Characterized by monolithic limestone karsts, lush jungles, idyllic islands and beaches, and unique Buddhist temples, Krabi is both a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Krabi Town is at the heart of Krabi province and this is where the majority of tourists choose to stay while visiting this region of Southern Thailand. It’s set on the western coast, on the Andaman Sea, and relatively close to Phuket yet a world away in terms of atmosphere.

Visit Krabi for the spectacular scenery and quieter ambiance. There is nightlife here but it’s understated and can easily be avoided if drinking and partying is not your thing. There’s definitely more of a family-friendly vibe here, and although Krabi Town itself does not have any beaches (it’s located upriver and not directly on the coast) it’s just a short hop and a jump to some of Thailand’s most picturesque stretches of sand. Back in town though, be sure to make the most of the shops, markets and restaurants that are usually reputed to be far cheaper than in some other tourist centric towns in Thailand, making Krabi a good place to spend some time if you’re traveling on a budget.

Outside of Krabi Town much of the province of Krabi has been designated as national park. There are several different national parks covering large areas of mainland and islands which is great news for the preservation of the region’s amazing scenery. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit Krabi are the numerous limestone karsts that jut out from the sea, some creating their own individual islands where trees and plants cling death-defyingly to the side of their steep cliffs. A great way to get to see many of these karsts and the stunning little bays and beaches that they hide, is by boat. There are numerous boat tours for visitors, taking in a variety of different islands off the coast and giving time to sit and relax on a beach or go snorkeling.

Many tourists visit Krabi for the abundance of outdoor activities on offer, both on water and on dry land. If you’re not being shuttled around on a tour boat you can do your own exploring by kayak or sailboat, heading out to some spectacular diving sites whether you love looking at fish or coral fringed islands. On dry land there’s plenty of places to hike or trek, bird watch, rock climb or just take a stroll to admire the lush jungles all around.

Railey Beach

When you plan your own visit to Krabi bear the climate in mind. The rainy season covers a full six months of the year, between May and November, so avoid the peak of this. From October the rains do calm down, so this could be a good time to visit for fewer crowds, while around Christmas and New Year the beaches are usually very busy with foreign tourists.

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